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Albany General Practice Office

Property Type:
General Practice
Square Footage:

2,600 Sq. Feet


Albany, Oregon

Listed at:


Located in Albany, Oregon, adjacent to the Albany Hospital amongst other allied health care professional offices.

This solid GP office has a 30-year established base of patients with a veteran staff and an incomparable reputation for service and excellence.

The office is well laid out, extremely clean, and set-up for organization and efficiency. There are 5 operatories with an equipment mix of Adec and Belmont equipment. The operatories are designed with a Belmont Power Wall configuration allowing ample storage and a refined workflow process. There is a Sirona Digital Pano, Schick Digital Sensors, and an investment last year of a complete new computerized system throughout.

Beautiful 2,600 sq ft GP office in Albany, OR.  
2020 Collections (10.5 Months Extrapolated to 12 Months) $837,106
Asking Price of $678,843 is 81% of Collections
2020 Adjusted Net Income $380,006
Adjusted Net Income 45% of Collections
5 Operatories – 3 Restorative, 2 Hygiene

Highlights include:

  • 5 Operatories

  • Private Dr Office

  • Staff Lounge with Washer/Dryer

  • Separate Sterilization and Lab

  • 2 Restrooms

  • 9 Parking Spaces on-site plus street parking

  • Located adjacent to Albany Hospital and other Allied Health Care Professional Offices

  • Sirona Digital Pan

  • Schick Digital Sensors

  • 30 Year Established Practice

2020 (10.5 Months Extrapolated to 12 Months) $837,106



Dr. Days:

2020 $380,006 Adjusted Net Income 45% of Collections

Adj. Net Income:


# of Patients:

5 Operatories

# of Operations:



Fixed Prosthetics $230,720 = 24%
Preventive $215,899 = 22%
Restorative $204,529 = 21%
Diagnostic $194,600 = 20%
Implant Services $ 70,325 = 7%
Adjunctive Gen $ 33,969 = 2%
Removable Pros $ 14,376 = 1%
Periodontics $ 8,101 = 0.1%
Oral Surgery $ 1,456 = 0.001%

Production Mix:
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Albany General Practice Office

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